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ESCOGIT S.r.l. (“Escogit“) is a specialist advisory company focused on renewable energy production assets located in Italy and other selected European countries. The company is led by a first-class team of renewable energy asset management experts and is actively supported by an outstanding Board of Advisors including world renowned high-profile experts in finance, industry and research.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help the transition to a lower carbon world by driving profitable investments into clean energy production and more efficient use of energy. We believe that investing in renewable energy projects can generate interesting long term and stable returns with low market correlation.

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Climate change

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Climate change caused by human activity is one of the biggest threats to the future of our planet.

Electrical power generation and mobility are among the largest sources of green house gases emission in the atmosphere, which is proven to be the main cause of climate change, and as Electrical Vehicles (EV) quickly replace internal combustion engines for mobility, zero-emission sources of electrical power will become inevitable to preserve life on our planet.

Increasing development of renewable energy production is therefore one of the most urgent and important measures to address climate change effectively and build a sustainable future.

Escogit’s main goal is to facilitate this process by identifying investment opportunities and support private and institutional investors that are considering the renewable energy sector.